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Types of Loyalty Programs

Point Programs
Allow your customers to earn points and exchange them for a reward. The value of the points is customizable for your business. For example, 1 point can be worth $1.

Spend Programs
This is the most popular program on our system. Track how much a customer spends and then reward them when they reach a threshold. For example, spend $200 and receive $10 off.

Punch Programs
This type of program works well for businesses with
limited product types. For example, an ice cream shop can encourage customers to buy 5 cones and get their 6th free.

Visit Programs
With visit programs, customers earn credit each time they shop no matter the amount they spend. An example of a visit program is to stay in a hotel 5 times and get the 6th stay free.

Reasons for Starting a Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs and gift cards increase the average ticket for a business, thereby increasing sales.

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