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We want to help your business save money! Take control of your credit card processing and save money on fees. Our Dual Pricing program is designed to run on a low monthly subscription cost, allowing you to process credit cards and offset all the fees. We are here to help you make the transition with ease!

Our Dual Pricing program is made for your business to maintain the same profit margin due to a built-in cost of the card processing fees into pricing. Therefore, when a customer pays with a credit card, the processing fee becomes applied to the customer’s cost. This will allow you to offset up to 100% of the fees. This automated program will help you avoid added costs for your business!

Our payment processing terminals are all PCI, EBT, and EMV compliant and capable of working with all POS systems, allowing your business to accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover credit cards, and Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay.


  • Is there a setup fee?
    • There is no fee to get started!
  • Is there an annual fee or contract?
    • No!
  • Will I need to update or change my device?
    • It depends on what you are currently using. If necessary, we will provide you with a compatible device.

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