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How Merchant Cash Advances (MCA) Can Help Grow Your Business

By January 2, 2017March 2nd, 2017Blog

​If you are one of tens of thousands of businesses struggling to get a foothold on startup finances, you’re not alone – conventional financing has become more and more difficult to obtain, especially if your gross monthly receipts are less than $10,000. Thanks to the advent of merchant cash advances, traditional financing is now often used as a last resort instead of a first.Below are a few key reasons why merchant cash advance funds can grow both new and existing businesses.

They’re lightning fast:
Whereas traditional financing takes weeks of underwriting, piles of paperwork and numerous phone calls to get funded, getting a merchant cash advance takes much less effort and can often get funded within 3-4 business days.

All Key Solutions has streamlined the MCA process, allowing merchants to apply and get financing in a short period. Less time finagling with loan applications and waiting on funding is more time available to spend growing your business.

Payments are much smaller:
It’s hard to find a better alternative when payments are so small and, in fact, may shrink if your daily sales decline throughout the month. To clear any confusion, payments are based off a percentage of your daily sales (Visa and MasterCard) and not a flat monthly rate like traditional bank financing offers. These smaller payments build business credit, which may open the door to conventional financing down the road. And most advances are paid off in 6-7 months. This lessens stress, allowing businesses to earn more and pay less each day. (Imagine that!)

The bottom line:
Financing small business ventures is difficult when you lack personal resources or haven’t established business credit.

With merchant cash advances, at least small businesses and even larger businesses that are struggling have a fighting chance to make payroll, purchase inventory or expand.